David Bowie's iPod, TiBooks On TV, & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Observer Randy Souther was reading David Bowieis journal and came across this piece of glowing praise for our favorite little music player. Nope, heis not a crazed stalker fan - you can read Bowieis journal at his Web site. On January 10th, two days after his 55th birthday, Bowie writes -

I wished and wished and then I wished again and there it was. From the wife, my iPod. Oh, happy day. I canit wait to give it a test run. Iive already listed over seven hundred or so songs to gunge it up with.
A month later, and Iim sure heis gunged it up good and proper. iPod owners, weire in good company.

Meanwhile, our correspondent-on-the-couch Michael Superczynski spotted TiBooks on the tube:

The CBS drama CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) showed one of the investigators using a TiBook to analyze the reflection in the eye of a person thought to the victim of a sexual abuse incident.

The CBS comedy Ellen has shown her sitting at her desk using a TiBook.

I have also seen the TiBook in a TV commercial for some kind of medicine. I donit remember which so I guess the ad didnit work too well.
Product? There was a product?

Keen-eyed projectionist and all-round good guy, Andrew Zima, wrote in to let us know about the new Schwarzenegger actioner, Collateral Damage. Andrew got this sneak preview while checking the print for bad sound and scratches:

If you watch closely you can spot Macs through the whole movie. Several older Studio Displays (the ones that look like iMacs) and several G3 Powerbooks (including the one Arnold uses to surf the web to find out about the Terrorists that killed his family). There are also several screenshots of the Mac OS in use during a scene where a witness is looking at shots of various buildings. Keep in mind most of these are quick shots so if you blink you might miss them.
Sounds like another one to bolster last weekis Good Guys Use Macs theory. Given recent events, this oneis going to be super-popular, and should make for a lot of exposure.

Thanks, Andrew, Michael and Randy. If youive seen Macs making headlines, itid be great to let me know!