David Coursey's First Week Of His "Mac Month" Is Looking Good

A couple of weeks ago, David Coursey announced that he was going to try using Mac OS X as his sole operating system for a month. Though many Mac users raised a howl saying that Mr. Coursey was not going to be open minded, the reality is that Mr. Coursey is having a great time with his iMac. His experiences after one week into his experiment have been published in a piece titled "Why I just love the new iMac (and why you might, too)." As you can probably tell from the title, Mr. Coursey likes his iMac, he likes OS X, and more importantly, his thoughts are likely going to help Apple sell a few boxes. From that piece:

Mac OS X also does an excellent job of driving the screen, with great graphics performance. I am not quite so wild about the characters that show up while I am typing using Word or the other Microsoft Office apps. Microsoft has yet to fully implement the features of OS X that put great-looking fonts onto the screen.

This was likely lost in the rush to get a version of OS X to market and will be resolved in a future release. The "poor" quality of the Microsoft fonts is noticeable because the rest of the computer looks so great, not because itis putting my eyes out or anything.


The transition to the Mac way of doing things has been pretty easy, once I got the hang of the docking bar that is the OS X equivalent of the Windows start menu. Now that I have all my frequently used apps in the dock, I am a pretty happy camper.

Based on my experience, I have no reservations whatsoever recommending an iMac as a familyis new or next home computer. Only really hard-core gamers would have trouble with a Mac, and those people should be looking at the new gaming consoles anyway.

The crown jewel from the piece is this gem:

IiVE HAD NO trouble exchanging files with colleagues, sending and receiving e-mail, or browsing the Web.

You can read more of Mr. Courseyis extensive comments in the full article. Itis a good read, and we recommend it. You can also read some of Rodney O. Lainis thoughts on this piece (to be published at 9:00 AM, CST), or join in the discussion in our forums.