David Pogue: Image Capture 'Easter Egg' Allows Camera Sharing

Apple says that Panther includes 150 new and upgraded features, but since Apple has only clued us in on the major ones it seems like itis up to us to find the more subtler enhancements. Thatis cool; Apple used to be known for including iEaster Eggsi -little surprises when certain key combinations are pressed- in its software, so weill just look at enhancement discovery as a digital Easter Egg hunt.

David Pogue has found one such Easter Egg hidden in the menus of Image Capture, Appleis one time prime digital camera interface app. In Mr. Pogueis TechTV article titled Capture Pics With Your Browser in Mac OS X, he describes how Pantheris version of Image Capture allows you to download pictures from a camera thatis attached to another Mac. Pretty cool, huh? From the article:

Image Capture, the unsung little program in Mac OS Xis Applications folder, is something of an orphan. It was designed to download pictures from a USB digital camera and then process them automatically (turning them into a Web page, scaling them to emailable size, and so on). Of course, after Image Captureis birth, iPhoto came along, generally blowing its predecessor out of the water.

But Apple has beefed up Image Capture in Panther with some cool, and very poorly documented, features.

For example: Suppose youire sitting in front of one Macintosh, but the digital camera is connected to a second Macintosh downstairs or elsewhere on the network. Whatis a Mac fan to do?

That situation may not exactly be the scourge of modern computing. But downloading pictures from a camera attached to a different computer can occasionally be useful -- in a graphics studio, for example, when a photographer comes back from the field, camera brimming with fresh shots. He can hook up the camera to his Mac so his editor can peruse the pictures on hers, even while he heads home for a shower.

Mr. Pogue goes on to detail how to accomplish this neat feat, so stop by TechTV and read the full article.