David Pogue Looks At The P In PC

NY Times columnist, David Pogue, takes a look at the new symbiotic relationship between computers and digital cameras in his latest article titled, That P in PC Now Stands for Picture. The article details the advantages digital photgraphy and a computer has over conventional photography. Mr. Pogue says:

...Because your photos are electronic, you can use them as fodder for all kinds of newfangled presentations, from slide shows to screen savers. All you need is a good piece of software to organize, find, print, send and otherwise manipulate your pictures: a digital shoe box. It says something about the evolution of the personal computer that both Apple and Microsoft are emphasizing features for managing digital photos, not typical office documents, in their latest operating systems.

Mr. Pogue also examines some of the differences between digital photography on a Mac, using iPhoto, and that on a PC using XP, and concludes:

...iPhoto and XP both represent welcome developments that may spare you the trouble and cost of choosing and buying someone elseis program. They provide the digital shoe box for the digital photos from your digital camera; now all you need is a digital fridge and a few digital magnets.

Stop by the NY Times and check out David Pogueis column; itis a very good read.