David Pogue To Show Jaguar To UK Unix Group

Mac OS Xis Unix foundations are continuing to gain Apple credibility in the Unix world, and Mac author David Pogue is helping to spread the word. The UK Unix User Group (UKUUG), with help from programming publishing powerhouse OiReilly, is hosting David Pogue next week. Mr. Pogue will be showing the *nix fiends Jaguar, the latest version of Mac OS X. From the UKUUG [note that we left in some of the fluffier bits so that you could see the way the event was being pitched to the organizationis members]:

On September 9th, in conjunction with OiReilly, UKUUG will be hosting David Pogue. He will be giving the lowdown on Mac OS X, the latest version - Jaguar (details), tipsini tricks on Mac OS X and showing the potential and power of the UNIX system through the friendly face that is OS X. He will also be answering OS X and Jaguar related questions.

Jaguar is the latest version of Appleis acclaimed Macintosh Operating System. Based on software from NeXT, Mach and FreeBSD, including the development environment usually found on Free Unixes, such as GCC 3.1, better POSIX support, SysV IPC, semaphores, Bash as /bin/sh (optional) and Python and Ruby as well as Perl for scripting.

David is a highly entertaining speaker, who began writing a regular column for MacWorld in 1991. He has over 2.5 million books in print, and writes, on average, a best seller about the Mac a year. He currently writes a weekly column for the New York Times. His Web site and full Biography is at http://www.davidpogue.com/. His books include Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual, iMovie 2: The Missing Manual, iPhoto : The Missing Manual, Piloting Palm, along with Classical Music for Dummies and Magic for Dummies.

The UKUUG was formed to represent users of UNIX and Open Systems in the United Kingdom. It uniquely caters for the needs of people in this area and, being totally funded by membership subscriptions, is completely independent of specific hardware and software vendors. All profits are used to further the activities of the organization (more details). UKUUG members get a 21.5% discount on all OiReilly books, including David Pogueis books in the Missing Manual series (more details). The UKUUG has a mailing list for its Mac using members (details).

David Pogueis Missing Manual books will be available direct from OiReilly on the evening at 25% off.

You can find more information on the UKUUG at the organizationis Web site, including information on the David Pogue speaking engagement. The MUG Center also has information on the event.