David Reitter Releases Aquamacs 1.0

David Reitter, in association with SourceForge, announced the release of Aquamacs 1.0 on Wednesday. Aquamacs folds the Emacs source code into a fully "Aquafied" version for Mac OS X, with all the functionality of Emacs as well as the ease of use of a native Mac OS X application.

Aquamacs is more than a native version of Emacs, however. It also features extensive customization in that it will feel like any Aqua program but have all the ergonomy and extensibility of Emacs. Itis especially helpful those users in a multi-tasking environment, but donit want to switch gears into X11.

Aquamacs 1.0

Aquamacs features include fonts that just work right, standard Mac shortcuts, printing that just works, Meta Key management, extensible syntax coloring schemes, a dedicated manual and more.

Aquamacs 1.0a supports syntax coloring and editing in text, HTML, LaTeX, C++, Java, Python, Perl and more. It is a standalone Mac OS X application that can be simply dragged to the /Applications folder. Aquamacs requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later and is free.