DayLite 1.1 Released On The Heels Of BizExpo Keynote

Marketcircle has released an update for DayLite Business Edition from Seattle, amidst the Mac Business Expo. DayLite is a contact and task management app designed for sales based businesses. The update features Apple AddressBook synchronicity for updating contact information. According to Marketcircle:

Taking the market by storm, Marketcircle DayLiteis Business Edition (Jaguar compatible) has quickly become the business critical software for all Macintosh based businesses. Marketcircle Inc. has announced the release of DayLite version 1.1 at the Mac Business Expo in Seattle, where they were featured in the keynote.

Marketcircle DayLite has been designed to equip and empower an entire company. An individual can manage a sale from a cold call to the post-sales support using DayLite Opportunities and Projects. The team leader can overview any Opportunity, make an action plan, delegate tasks to team members and always see what the next pending task is for each Opportunity. The President or CEO can monitor their sales pipeline and get that instant company synopsis at the individual level or at the company level using the powerful charts in DayLite.

Marketcircle is excited to announce the Apple AddressBook sync featured in DayLite version 1.1. Now, all updates to contact information in AddressBook will propagate through to DayLite in a single click. All your business information can stay current with DayLite! There is no longer a need to manage two and three different systems to run your business, DayLite will be the central repository for all business critical information

You can find more information about the DayLite Business Edition update at the Marketcircle Web site. DayLite is available for US$135.00 for a limited time.