DayLite 1.2 Released From Marketcircle

Marketcircle has released an update for DayLite, bringing it to version 1.2. DayLite is a contact and task management app designed for sales based businesses. The update features numerous enhancements including remote data modification and new contextual menu options. According to Marketcircle:

Marketcircle releases DayLite update.

Version 1.2 of DayLite has some huge feature additions including an online/offline capability, global find and the much requested bulk mail merge.

This is also the first version of substantial differentiation between the Personal and Business Editions. The online/offline and bulk mail merge are available only in the Business Edition. This differentiation will continue as DayLite matures. If DayLite is to be used for any business related activities, the Business Edition is highly recommended as all data is stored in a robust relational database.

New features in 1.2:

  • Take DayLite with You! (Business Edition ONLY)
  • Send Bulk Merged Letters! (Business Edition ONLY)
  • Global Find Added!
  • Sort and Filter different fields!
  • Lots of NEW Contextual Menu options!
  • Import your NOTES!

Other great new features:

  • Add tasks and timeblocks right from the Contact, Project and Opportunity cards
  • Your last database connection is now remembered, and you can choose to connect at launch
  • A new field called Tagline has been added to Contacts and Organizations
  • An application updater has been added
  • There is a new preference to allow you to open the card of what you have just created automatically, or when holding down the option key as clicking Finish
  • You can drag contacts from group to group
  • You can reset you Address Book sync memory
  • Categories can be imported on Organizations as well as Contacts

You can find more information about the DayLite update at the Marketcircle Web site. DayLite Personal Edition is available for US$95.00, and the Business Edition is available for US$149.00 for a limited time.