Day Traders Have New Weapon In Their Arsenal

Essentrix has updated their super utility for market players, Trade Assist, to version 2.2. Trade Assist helps users do everything from manage portfolios to tracking current price fluctuations to helping handle trades. This is a wonderful tool for desk jockey day traders. According to Essentrix:

Trade Assist brings the stock market to your Mac?s desktop! Trade Assist 2.2offers all the tools users need to make smart trades. Portfolio managementtools let you track the performance of your holdings. Real-time quotes giveyou an immediate pulse of what is happening in the market. Tickers allow youto view stock data similar to CNBC?. Use the news window to research acompanyis prospects. Graphs can show you the long term performance of astock. Create your own lists of stocks which display quote data for multiplestocks in a table.

New to version 2.2:

  • New Ticker frame allows easy dragging, resizing and closing
  • European stock quotes update correctly
  • Expression-based action criteria
  • Esellerate support replaces Kagi for online registration from inside theprogram
  • Password protection works again
  • Actions can be imported and exported in a simple language
  • Adding/Removing criteria/notifications in Actions window repositionscorrectly
  • All stocks available from Actions editor
  • Ticker display colors work correctly
  • Ticker placement always saved
  • Cannot no longer delete last ticker/tracking list
  • Font/size selected in preferences affects tracking lists and historicalquotes
  • Column window crashes fixed
  • Crashes while saving user file fixed
  • Many miscellaneous bugs and crashes fixed

Trade Assist is available for US$24.95. You can find more information at the Essentrix web site.