Daystar Announces 1.83GHz PowerBook Upgrade

Daystar announced that is now has a 1.83GHz G4 processor upgrade for the 1.67GHz PowerBook G4 on Sunday. The XLR8 MAChSpeed 7448 is a factory installed processor upgrade that replaces the original G4 chip with Freescaleis faster PowerPC 7448 CPU with 1MB L2 cache. The upgrade provides a 20-30 percent performance boost in Photoshop, and an overall performance increase of 30-60 percent.

The processor upgrade is limited to Appleis 1.67GHz Aluminum PowerBook G4 due to hardware limitations in other models. It also requires Mac OS X 10.4.4 or higher.

Daystar provides a shipping box, installation, testing, and return shipping with the service. The upgrade should be available in the next month, and final pricing has not been determined yet.