Daystar Offers Power Mac G3 Processor Upgrades

Daystar Technology has announced new performace upgrades for Power Mac G3 owners. The MAChSpeed G4 ZIF upgrade is designed to boost a users system performance and processor speeds by 600MHz. According to Daystar Technology:

Daystar Technology, a leading Macintosh Technology Integrator, has expanded the XLR8 upgrade technology to deliver new "value-priced", high performance upgrades for Power Macintosh G3 owners.

Combining technologies from Daystar and XLR8, the new upgrade utilizes the proven performance of the backside cache, to turbocharge its MAChSpeed G4 ZIF upgrade. The resulting upgrade delivers a 600 MHz upgrade that rivals the Power Macintosh G4 iQuickSilveri 733 system. Power Macintosh G3 speed improvements range for 2.5x in normal applications, to 8x in OSX optimized applications.

You can find more information about the MAChSpeed G4 ZIF upgrade at the Daystar Technology Web site. The MAChSpeed G4 ZIF upgrade is available for US$199.00.