Daystar Releases MAChSpeed Control For OS 9 & X

Daystar Technology has released a new app for Mac users XLR8 MAChSpeed Control. XLR8 MAChSpeed Control is a utility designed for protection, testing and enabling of cache systems on OS 9 and OS X. The app ships with several features including automated cache functions and RAM check/review. According to Daystar Technology:

Daystar Technology, the compatibility leader in Macintosh performance, upgrades and expansion announced that it has formally started shipping XLR8 MAChSpeed Control - OS9 and MAChSpeed Control - OSX, cache enabling, protection and testing software. Working in partnership with EchoFX, Inc., Daystar has introduced new compatibility enhancements in a "ground-up" rework of the MAChSpeed Control Software.

Previously introduced by XLR8, Inc. as a single software package, MAChSpeed Control is now distributed as two separate utilities... one for Mac OS 9 users and one for Mac OS X (and classic) users.


  • NVRAM based Speculative Processing protection for PowerPC 750-7410 CPUs while running G3 and G4 CPUs in six-slot (604e) PCI systems
  • Firmware patches for Beige G3 systems running G4 CPUs
  • Automated cache profiling, verification and testing at boot-up
  • Automatic cache reset in the event of a cache related system shut-down
  • Verification of available cache speeds preventing excessive over-clocking
  • RAM Memory check and review
  • Interactive Cache, CPU, RAM test when utility is open

You can find more information about the XLR8 MAChSpeed Control release at the Daystar Technology Web site. XLR8 MAChSpeed Control for OS 9 is available for US$9.95, and the OS X version is available for US$17.95.