Deal Hunting Made Easy

Searching the Web for the best deals can be time consuming, so why not hand the task off to your computer? You can get on with everything else you need to do, and then check periodically to see what your Mac has found for you.

Letis say I want to buy a new digital camera. Instead of searching the Web myself for deals, I go to to see whatis available. Then hereis what I do:

  • Enter what you want to find in the Search filed, and click the Search button. In this case, I entered "digital camera."
  • The search returns a list of results along with some options to refine the results. Go ahead and refine your results to fit your needs. I chose to search only for deals in the last seven days from all categories and all stores.
  • Click the Search button again.
  • Now click Subscribe to the RSS Feed of these results.

Subscribe to your search just like a news feed.

Your customized search is stored in your news reader application so you can look and see an automatically updating list of available deals at your leisure instead of taking time out of your schedule for online shopping. My news reader of choice is NewsMac Pro, but the custom search feeds work with any news reader including Appleis Safari Web browser.

Your search becomes an auto-updating list in your news reader.

I learned this cool trick from TMOis own Mac Geek Gab host Dave Hamilton. Daveis advice has already saved me time and even a little money.

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