Deck Out Your Mac for Halloween

Halloween: It may come only once a year, but that helps keep the day -- or night -- special. Since this day is so important to goulies, goblins, and candy collectors everywhere, why not let your Mac share in some of the festivities?

Last year I mentioned Killer Robotis Jack-O-Lantern screen saver. Itis been updated to version 1.3, and it still looks as good as ever. Even better, it works on Mac OS X 10.5, so you can still enjoy a glowing pumpkin on your display even if you have already upgraded to Leopard.

Show your Halloween spirit with this Jack-O-Lantern screen saver.

I also talked about the Mac-O-Lantern application that places a glowing Jack-O-Lantern on your Desktop complete with flickering candle. It hasnit been upgraded from version 1.3.1, but it runs just fine on Leopard.

Mac-O-Lantern: Still going strong.

The Jack-O-Lantern screen saver and Mac-O-Lantern are both free but the Killer Robot team wonit turn down donations.

The Iconfactory is always a great place to visit during the haunting season, and this year the expert pixel pushers have served up several tasty Desktop treats for your eyes. My favorite is the Headless Horseman Desktop.

Iconfactoryis Headless Horseman desktop. has several Halloween-themed icon sets as well. Just point your browser at their Web site and search for "Halloween." Kuswantois Halloween icons set includes 19 icons with an appropriate holiday flair.

Kuswantois Halloween icons.

All of these Halloween treats are free, so load up. Just remember: Itis your own fault if your tummy hurts tomorrow.

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