DeepTrouble 2 Released, First to Fight Updated

CodeBlender Software has released Deep Trouble 2, the follow-up to the futuristic underwater action game, and MacSoft has issued version 1.02 of Close Combat: First to Fight, the companyis tactical first-person shooter that puts the player in charge of a Marine fire team in Lebanon. The First to Fight update fixes bugs and adds a dedicated server utility, which isnit required to join online sessions.

In Deep Trouble 2, the player pilots an Excalibur 7 series fighter, navigating 11 levels of action in the search for the secret behind a group of underwater aliens and their colony. CodeBlender says the game offers the latest graphical effects, including vertex and fragment shaders, bump mapping and dynamic shadows, as well as OpenAL-based music and sound effects. The game sells for US$29.95 and requires a G4 800MHz processor, Mac OS X v10.2.8, 256MB RAM and a 32MB video card.

Close Combat: First to Fight

Deep Trouble 2