Deep Sky Technologies Releases SMTP Client Deux 1.2.0

Deep Sky Technologies has updated its SMTP Client Deux software to version 1.2.0. SMTP Client Deux is a 4th Dimension component that works with TCP Deux. The new version adds support for encoding e-mail for different character sets, compatibility with 4th Dimension 2003, and various bug fixes and compatibility improvements. From Deep Sky Technologies:

Deep Sky Technologies, Inc., today announced the release of SMTP Client Deux v1.2.0 for Macintosh and Windows. SMTP Client Deux is a 4th Dimension component which provides a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol. SMTP Client Deux works on top of the commercial TCP Deux 4D component, available from Deep Sky Technologies, Inc.

With the SMTP Client Deux component, a 4th Dimension developer has a complete implementation of the SMTP protocol from within 4D. The protocol relies on the TCP Deux component for all TCP communication needs, thereby removing any reliance on current or future TCP plugins which are available for use in 4D. The implementation of SMTP within the SMTP Client Deux component also eliminates long standing bugs and anomalies that have existed in plugin implementations of the SMTP protocol.

SMTP Client Deux includes full compatibility with SMTP AUTH, authenticated login for SMTP servers. When enabled, SMTP Client Deux will choose the most secure means supported by the SMTP server to login. This includes CRAM-MD5, NTLM, Login, and Plain SMTP AUTH mechanisms. SMTP Client Deux is the only solution currently available for 4D developers that has full and correct support for SMTP AUTH.

New Features in v1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 of the SMTP Client Deux component contains important bug fixes and feature additions.

First, SMTP Client Deux has been renamed from SMTP Deux. All items in the component have been renamed to facilitate this change. Full instructions for upgrading are included in the SMTP Client Deux download archive.

Second, there have been many bug fixes and compatibility improvements in the component. Issues specifically related to 4D v6.8.x have been corrected as well as conflicts with other components and plugins have been addressed.

Third, SMTP Client Deux now internally supports the encoding of email for different targetted character sets. Specifically, standard encoding has been provided for Japanese and Chinese email in all of the email sending routines within SMTP Client Deux.

Last but not least, compatibility with 4D v7.0.x (4D 2003) has been added to SMTP Client Deux. This makes SMTP Client Deux seemlessly compatible with all versions of 4D supporting components and all platforms 4D is available on.

SMTP Client Deux 1.2.0 is available now for free to owners of TCP Deux.