Default Folder Maintenance Update Released

St. Clair Software has released an update for Default Folder X, bringing it to 1.6. Default Folder is a Open and Save dialog enhancement designed for improved Finder control. The latest update features Jaguar support and other enhancements. According to St. Clair Software:

St. Clair Software has released version 1.6 of Default Folder X, its utility for improving Open and Save dialogs in Mac OS X.

Default Folder X 1.6 includes support for Mac OS X 10.2 ("Jaguar") and also adds the much-requested "click on a Finder window" feature to OS X. You can now display a folder in an Open or Save dialog by simply clicking on that folderis window.

Version 1.6 also integrates XRay and FileExaminer as well as Super Get Info for expanded Get Info capabilities, and improves compatibility with AppleScript, QuickTime, OmniPage, and Ircle.

You can find more information about the Default Folder X update at the St. Clair Software Web site. Default Folder X 1.6 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$34.95.