Dell Resorts To Paying Customers To Buy Its PCs, Offers US$50,000 Carrot

Maybe Stephen, the Dell Dude, has fallen off his bean, or maybe $699 computers arenit attractive anymore, or maybe the current economy just isnit conducive to getting PCs to fly off the store shelves. Whatever the reason, reports that Dell thinks its latest promotion will help it through the current rough times. According to an article titled "Dell starts sweepstakes for PC buyers," Dell is entering buyers of new computers into a sweepstakes where $50k is awarded to a new lucky person each day for a month. From the article:

With the PC industry still smarting from a brutal spring, Dell is buttressing its hopes for a back-to-school sales bump by giving away $50,000 a day all month. Those who buy a desktop or notebook from the Round Rock, Texas-based computer maker will automatically be entered in the sweepstakes.

Dell typically offers mail-in rebates, instant rebates, free printers, free shipping, free CD burners and other incentives to spur PC sales, but the company says the $1.5 million cash giveaway is a first.

"We just thought this would be a really popular way to engage with our customers at a time when there are some great values out there," Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman said.

The sweepstakes is the first of other promotions Dell will use of the Summer to stimulate PC sales. Check out story for more information.