Dell Unveils New Softwear Line

Dell Computer has been running a TV and Web campaign for the last two years featuring a character named "Stephen." If you have been near a TV during the last two years, you likely know of whom we speak. Stephen has been an enormous success for the company, having helped the company garner increased market share in the consumer space. Now it would seem that Dell thinks people havenit seen enough of their spokesman, and plans to market "Stephen" items such as T-shirts and cap. From a ZDNET article:

The PC maker said its foray into Dude Gear is a natural extension of the commercials, which have made Dell more recognizable to consumers. "Consumers canit get enough of iDudei so weive given them some stylish ways to express their enthusiasm," Kurt Kirsch, director of new business development for Dellis consumer group, said in a statement.

"Dude" Gear can be found at Dellis Online store. Join in on the discussion concerning Apple merchandising in our forums.