Deneba Celebrates 15 Years By Offering Canvas Tips

Deneba is celebrating their 15th Anniversary by offering users a Tips and Tricks section on their Web site, with a special focus on how to "go retro." Denebais Canvas is one of the leading graphic design applications for the Mac market, and to further celebrate this milestone Deneba is also offering a host of new features on their site. According to Deneba:

Wow! It is now officially the new millennium. The past year flew by just as fast as ever and now 2000 is history! This particular year is an extra special one for us, for you, and for the graphic design industry at large as it contains yet another significant milestone.

January 9, 2001 marks Denebais 15th successful year of operation. During the past fifteen years, we have amassed a long list of technological breakthroughs and innovations. Although we are very proud to reach this important landmark, it would not have been possible without you - the hundreds and thousands of loyal Canvas users.

So be sure to check out the Deneba website for more on our 15th anniversary celebration! If You Are Not Visiting Everyday, Then You Are Missing Out!

Our company website is the most valuable source of information available to Deneba product users. Important content and user information has steadily been added to the site over the past year. Plus, there is a lot more coming!

Find out how Canvas is used in the industries that drive todayis new economy. From outer space research to semiconductor manufacturing, our Industry Spotlight section uncovers many groundbreaking uses of Canvas in a host of fascinating fields.

Whether youire into technical illustration, web graphics, or DTP, our insightful Profiles section will inform you of exactly who is using Canvas and what they are doing.

Tips, Tricks, Techniques, and More
If itis useful tips and Canvas tricks that you want, then the How-To section is the place to be. Our goal is to increase your graphic design know-how and to keep you abreast of the latest Canvas techniques. Our ingenious tutorials are great for getting ideas to make your graphics jump off the page or web site. Discover how to optimize your file sizes through slicing or how to add flair to your images with scanned lines. Itis all there and more.

Retro is in again and how! Just go to our current how-to feature and see. Try adding a vintage hand-colored look to yor black and white photographs with Canvasi integrated tool set. Check out some of our technigues that let you convert your old (or new!) photographs to works of art worth sharing.

You can find">more information about their 15th Anniversary celebration at the Deneba Web site.