Denzel Washington's 'Antwone Fisher', 'Who's Your Daddy', & More

Every week, Vern Seward takes a look at Appleis latest offerings at the QuickTime Trailer site, letting your know whatis new.

Denzel Washington has consistently been one of the best actors working in Tinsel Town today. While there may be an ongoing controversy about whether or not he deserved an Oscar for his portrayal of a rogue cop in Training Day, few will deny that he is an extraordinary talent in front of the camera. Now Mr. Washington steps behind the camera in his directorial debut in the upcoming film Antwone Fisher.

Mr. Washingtonis movies have always centered on portraying the human side of a story. In Remember the Titans he show us what it meant to be a man facing a situation where few respect him, even fewer expect him to succeed, and yet he does. In Training Day, Mr. Washington showed us he could reveal the darker side of humanity. His character could have been anyone, any race, from any social or economic background. What we saw was a man who thought he was above the law. Sounds like some of the CEOs out there, doesnit it?

In Antwone Fisher, Denzel Washington takes on a supporting role as a Navy psychiatrist who is trying to understand the motivations of a sailor, Antwone Fisher, played by Derek Luke. Interestingly enough, the story was written by Antwone Fisher. Check out the trailer, which is an Apple QuickTime Movie Trailer exclusive. We think youill agreed that Denzel Washington is a talented man, on both sides of the camera.

Another Apple QuickTime Exclusive Trailer is Whois Your Daddy Starring Colleen Camp, Brandon Davis, and Kadeem Hardison. (You remember Hardison; he was the guy with the weird flip-up glasses in the TV sitcom A Different World. He also co-starred in one of our editoris favorite flicks, Drive, with Mark Dacascos.) Whois Your Daddy is a teenage igeek poor boy strikes it richi fantasy filled with bouncing, scantily clad, curvy women and silly gags. Movies like these usually have some socially redeeming message buried under all those bosoms, the question is; will you care?

Finally, for you Star Trek fans who have yet to see the new Nemesis trailer for whatever reason, you no longer have an excuse. Itis a good trailer, and those with broadband will want to watch the full screen version. Donit bother beaming us anywhere, just hand us the popcorn!

Other trailers to see:

  • Das Experiment: Imagine taking a group of men, dividing them into 2 groups, make one group the guards, the other group the prisoners, put them in a prison environment, then just sit back and watch what happens. Yeah, sounds like the makings of a cool movie. Das Experiment is a German movie from famed director Oliver Hirschbiegel, and is based on the very famous psychology experiment at Stanford University during the 1970s. Looks like something youill want to see.
  • Ciao America: Eddie Malavarca plays a young Italian-American who flies to Italy at the behest of his grandfather, but soon finds that he is torn between the country of his forefathers and the country of his birth. Of course, a beautiful Italian woman adds to the complexity. Looks like a great "date movie."

Thatis it for this week. Be sure to take a peek at the chilling short QuickTime feature movie Rear View Mirror. Itis a killer! You can find the other trailers mentioned here at Appleis QuickTime Trailer site.