DerBrill Shipping Fullscreen QuickTime GUI

DerBrill has released a new app for Mac users, Fullscreen. Fullscreeen is a GUI interface designed for the QuickTime interface. The app features adjustable screen sizes and movie file management. According to DerBrill:

DerBrill would like to announce the release of our first Macintosh Shareware product for both X and Classic.

Fullscreen is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) for Quicktime. The programm allows besides playing a movie in its original size stepless scaling of the playerwindow from 15% up to 100% of the screenresolution.

Fullscreen manages your movie collection. The program offers a comfortable management of multiple Playlists. Movies and Playlists can be renamed. The original filenames on your Harddisc remain unchanged of course.

While develloping Fullscreen we layed stress on ease of use. In addition to the simple graphic interface it is possible to control Fullscreen with the keyboard. Drag and drop into the playlist rounds out the usage of Fullscreen.

You can find more information about the Fullscreen release at the DerBrill Web site. Fullscreen is available for 9.90 Euros.