DerBrill Updates uGrabIt With Speed Enhancements

DerBrill has released an update for uGrabIt, bringing it to version 1.1. uGrabIt is a utility designed for capturing video from various inputs. The update expands language support and enhances performance speed. According ot DerBrill:

uGrabIt is a video capture Tool which allows to record video clips from almost any device. (no matter if its a Firewire Camcorder, USB Webcam or videocard) It was originally created to allow capturing videoclips for iMovie from an iSight Cam.

The dimensions, the desired Codec and the Framerate can be chosen freely. Connect your video device to the Computer. Turn on the device. Start recording. It is simple!

This version is multilingual now. The first additional language available is German. The code has been revised to make the program respond faster. Multiuser handling has been improved. Each User of an Os X system can have own preferences now.

You can find more information about the uGrabIt update at the DerBrill Web site. uGrabIt is available for Euro 9.90.