Derman Enterprises Now Shipping FolderControl

Derman Enterprises has released a new app for Mac users, FolderControl 1.00. FolderControl a utility designed for expanded folder and file control. The app features various window controls and file preferences. According to Derman Enterprises:

Derman Enterprises announces the availability of FolderControl 1.00, a utility to automatically size and arrange the Finderis folder/directory windows into the configuration you define.

Numerous preferences give you control over:

  • which folders participate in the processing
  • how folder windows are sized, both vertically and horizontally
  • how sub-folder windows are arranged, relative to their enclosing folderis
  • how various folder-window attributes, such as sorting and view kind, are set
  • the permissions on the files that control these capabilities

You can find more information about the FolderControl release at the Derman Enterprises Web site. FolderControl is available for US$13.95.