Designer Peter Molyneux Addresses the State of Mac Gaming

Last week at a developers conference in the UK, Joystiq sat down with legendary game designer Peter Molyneux for a wide-ranging interview that touched on Mac gaming. Noting that his company, Lionhead Studios, "always supported the Mac," Mr. Molyneux said that growth of gaming on the platform "would need Apple to get behind games."

He added: "Thereis nothing in their operating system that panders to games at all and I take my hats off to Microsoft. I think theyive realized that games are important." Incidentally, Mr. Molyneux recently sold his company to Microsoft, but the Lionhead titles The Movies, Black & White 2, and Fable: The Lost Chapters are all currently headed for the Mac, courtesy of publisher Feral Interactive.

The designer didnit touch on the potential ramifications of the sale during the interview, but many Mac gamers thought they would never get to play Halo when Microsoft purchased developer Bungie Studios. Instead, Microsoftis plan was to turn Halo into an Xbox exclusive for a set period of time, after which the game made its way to Windows and the Mac. With computer gaming on the decline in general, Microsoft seems more concerned with taking on Sonyis PlayStation than on damaging Mac gaming.

Thanks to MacCentral for the heads-up.