DeskShade Plus Frees Up Icon Clutter

MacRabbit has released a new app for Mac users, DeskShade Plus 1.0. DeskShade Plus is a desktop utility designed to free up icon clutter on a users desktop. The app ships with support for background desktop movies and user password log-in screens. According to MacRabbit:

MacRabbit has released DeskShade Plus 1.0.

DeskShade Plus is the cure for boring and cluttered desktops. Why even bother to set a desktop picture when itis mostly covered by ugly icons? Why would you be happy with a static background covered by documents? Thatis what we thought, so we created DeskShade Plus. It takes you one step closer to desktop nirvana.


  • Hide icons cluttering your desktop pic and get a system that feels more spacious
  • Use movies as your background
  • Lock your desktop, display an away message, monitor passwords…
  • Faceless app with menu bar control
  • System wide hotkeys
  • Dropped files are forwarded to a folder of choice
  • Timed updating of the desktop or manually
  • Full support for all desktop positions: crop, fill screen, tile and center

You can find more information about the DeskShade Plus release at the MacRabbit Web site. DeskShade Plus is available for US$6.99.