Desktop Holiday Trimmings for Your Mac

Yes, there are only a few of days left before you start running from house to house delivering presents and making sure that everyone in your family gets to spend less time with you than they want - or spreading Christmas cheer. Itis all a matter of perspective.

If you are looking for something that adds a bit of the holiday spirit to your Mac, hereis a few free options to help deck your Desktop.

MacLampsX 1.2 MacLampsX from The Arctic Mac adds a festive set of holiday lights to the edge of your display. You can make your own bulb arrangements, and control how fast or slow your bulbs flash.

MacLampsX and Tree add a holiday touch to your Mac.

Tree Decorating trees has long been a holiday tradition. If you donit have time to decorate your own, OneToad has you covered. Tree plants a pre-decorated holiday tree on your Desktop. Unlike a real tree, this one is easy to move if it gets in your way.

X-MasTree 1.4 Looking for something a little more interactive than Tree? Try X-MasTree from You can choose decorations, lights, and even the color of your tree.

Decorate your own tree with X-MasTree.

Christmas Crisis Christmas Crisis is a free game from Koingo Software where you get to play Santais helper by delivering presents. A nice diversion when the phone rings with that special holiday reminder that you donit call your mother often enough.

Help Santa deliver presents in Christmas Crisis.

Sn? Even if you donit live someplace where a white Christmas is normal, you can still experience a little blustery snowfall of your own thanks to the Sn? screensaver. It lets you choose how much snow falls, how strong the wind is, and how big your flakes are. The best part is that you donit have to shovel the walk.

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