Desktop Weather Tracking

Sometimes, the screenshots you see in Quick Tips hide other interesting little tidbits that readers ask me about. TMO reader Paul has an eagle eye that caught a number next to the SMARTReporter menu bar icon in this Quick Tip. He asked if I was displaying the hard drive temperature, which would be a pretty cool thing. Actually, itis WeatherPop Advance showing the temperature near my office - Which, incidentally, wasnit so cool on that day.

Track the weather in any city with WeatherPop.

WeatherPop Advance is a handy little menu bar item that displays the current weather conditions along with the forecast. It stores multiple locations, so you can keep track of the weather in other cities, too. Iive been using WeatherPop since Mac OS 9 days, and it always seems to work as advertised.

WeatherPop Advance costs US$8, and can be downloaded at the Glucose Web site.

If you are looking for a free alternative to WeatherPop Advance, give Meteorologist a try. It offers many of the same features as WeatherPop.

Meteorologist is a free alternative to WeatherPop.

Of course, if you really want to see what the weather is like, you can always look out a window or go outside.

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