Destroy Boredom With Over 500 Games From Lazerworks

Lazerworks is now shipping All the Best MacGames 2002, a collection of more than 500 games. All the Best MacGames 2002 has 139 new games and updates for previously released games. According to Lazerworks:

“All the Best MacGames 2002 is the best collection of Macintosh shareware/freeware games ever!” says Lazerworks owner Debbie Whelan. Containing over 500 games on two CD-ROMs, it is the fourth such release from this Canadian company.

While some shareware collections are put together casually, All the Best MacGames 2002 involved six months of gathering, sorting, culling and organizing as well as contacting shareware authors for permission to distribute their work.

In producing All the Best MacGames 2002, Lazerworks started with All the Best MacGames 2000, added 139 new games, updated 186 and kept 204 titles. Lazerworks’ games database now contains 2,300 games by 1,050 authors. No one knows more about the state of Mac shareware games.

You can find more information about All the Best MacGames 2002 at the Lazerworks Web site. The All the Best MacGames 2002 CDs are available for US$20.00.