Detailed Guide to Photoshop 7 Available at Digital Mastery

Adobeis Photoshop 7, announced on February 24th, wonit actually get to you for a few weeks yet - but Digital Masteryis Ultimate Guide to Photoshop 7 spills the beans for any curious Photoshoppers who just canit wait to see all the new goodies. Says Digital Masteryis head honcho, Ben Gillmore:

The big 7.0 moment has arrived, and I?m happy to report that there is much new and worthwhile in this version. Once announced, it usually takes Adobe about a month to start shipping software. So, while you?re wondering what all of this will mean to you, I?d be happy to give you a sneak preview of every palette, menu and dialog box that has something new to offer.

And how! Packed with screenshots, detailed comparisons to older versions and all the new OS X-related bits and pieces, this is sure to satisfy those of you who are champing at the bit to see all the new stuff. Note: Because this guide was compiled using a late beta version of the software, there may be some changes in the final release.

Digital Mastery is a company based in Nederland, Colorado, specialising in training and seminars for Photoshop beginners and experts alike.