Detroit Free Press: iMac Top Choice For Anyone Considering New Computer

The Detroit Free Press has published a review of Appleis new iMac G5 that calls it the "top recommendation for anyone considering a new computer." The reviewer, Mike Wendland, lists the usual things he likes about the iMac -- its looks, design, lack of wires, elegance, etc. -- and he also sounds the now-familiar refrain that the base 256 MB of RAM the unit ships with is too little. The most important thing about this mainstream review, however, is that Mr. Wendlend touts the Macis lack of security problems and viruses, a message aimed at possible Switchers. From the article:

Iim a little late with this review of the new G5 iMac from Apple.

Itis been out nearly a month now, and Iive dragged my feet in writing this. Thatis because the evaluation unit Iive been testing has to be returned when the review is printed.

Sigh. This new iMac is so elegant, so efficient and so enjoyable to use that Iive wanted to hold on to it for as long as possible.


I like this machine a lot. And because Macs -- for a variety of reasons -- are as close to immune to viruses and worms as you can get, the new G5 is now my top recommendation for anyone considering a new computer.

You can find the full article at the Detroit Free Pressis Web site.