Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch Due For Release In One Week

We were snooping around the Westlake Interactive website, as it is our favorite place to go when we are feeling bored. So many new games to look at! While quickly scanning the project status page we discovered an update on the status of the Deus Ex Multiplayer Patch. The release date now says that the patch will be available in one week.

Deus Ex is a paranoid soaked futuristic cyber espionage RPG (role playing game) where players assume the role of a cyber implanted one man wrecking crew by the name of JC Denton. The multiplayer patch will offer players 5 multiplayer maps for online gaming action. While there is no co-operative play included, the patch does offer five large maps and the ability to choose between one of four different player models. The five maps that are to be included are:

  • The Vandenberg Command Post
  • The Missile Silo
  • The Smuggleris Lair in New York
  • The Cathedral in Paris
  • Area 51

These maps have been modified for a better multiplayer experience, and there are no bots to pit your skills against. However, not only does the muliplayer patch have deathmatch, but team deathmatch is also included. Apparently this is where the multiplayer gets really interesting, pitting your skills against another team while trying to organize and best position your own team for victory. Also, a nifty skill point allocation system adds another interesting level to gameplay. Each character starts out with a given number of skill points that they can apply to whatever area of skill they wish to specialize in. The possiblities are endless.

Watch for the announcement of the Deus Ex Multiplayer patch sometime at the end of next week or the beginning of the following week. You can find more information at the Westlake Interactive Web site.