Deus Ex Now Playing At GameRanger

With yesterdayis announcement that a multi-player patch is available for the addicting FPS style game, Deus Ex, GameRanger has announced that they have added support for the latest multi-player game. Deus Ex features many of the great characteristics of a First Person Shooter (FPS), but combines that with a role playing game style adventure. According to GameRanger:

Scott Kevill today announced the addition of a new game title to GameRanger, the Macintosh multiplayer online gaming service. In addition to the 63 previous titles, gamers can nowplay Deus Ex.

Immerse yourself in the futuristic role-playing adventure game that is Deus Ex. Based on the Unreal Tournament engine, this epic game delivers all elements of a superb RPG and enhances it with brute force mentality. Play as a strategic problem solver that picks locks, sneaks past guards in the dark, and hacks computer systems; or try frontal assaults with bullets and rocketsblazing. Listen to characters throughout the game to uncover conspiracies, but decide who you can trust.

You can find more information, and join the Deus Ex online action, at the GameRanger Web site.