Develop Your Own "Throbber" With Updated App

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Shareware maker Vizspring Software has released an update to ThrobberDeveloper. The software lets users make their own "throbbers" for Internet Explorer 5.x. Throbbers are the icons in the upper-right corner of many browsersi windows. From the press release:

ThrobberDeveloper version 2.1, fixes an error that could prevent the application from running at all on some machines. It also fixes various other bugs.

ThrobberDeveloper...features a step-by-step setup assistant which guides you through the otherwise very complex process of making a browser throbber. ThrobberDeveloper contains two modes depending on your experience level and creates stunning throbbers in only a few mouse clicks.

ThrobberDeveloper 2.1 is available now as a free download and is shareware. It may be registered online for US$10.

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