Developer News - Apple Offers WWDC 2002 Sessions Online, Including Pre-Release Jaguar Sessions

Apple has offered up the sessions from this yearis World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) to developers at the Apple Developer Conference (ADC). This yearis sessions were all about Mac OS X in general, and the upcoming Jaguar release specifically. Apple is offering 9 sets of these sessions, organized around specific topics, with each set being priced at US$300. One can get all of the sessions for US$800, and Apple allows one "upgrade" from one session to all of the sessions for US$500 (read the details on the offer at the ADC Web site). Furthermore, Apple will be providing the sessions on DVD, as well as streaming broadcasts from the ADC site. From Apple:

The next major release of Mac OS X (codenamed "Jaguar") is coming soon and Worldwide Developers Conference 2002 Sessions on ADC TV are the best source for learning pre-release details from the experts about exciting new technologies such as Quartz Extreme, QuickTime 6, Rendezvous, Address Book, and more.

To ensure that all developers have the opportunity to explore "Jaguar" software, tools, and information, the Apple Developer Connection is offering a limited-time, Select membership bundle promotion.

Developers may purchase the complete ADC TV and DVD-ROM product or choose from one of nine streamed Session "Sets" (Frameworks, Graphics, I/O, Java, Networking, QuickTime, Tools, Unix, or WebObjects) along with one full year of Select member benefits plus a developer hardware discount of up to 20% on one Macintosh system.

Current ADC Select members may purchase WWDC 2002 Sessions separately.

You can find more information on the WWDC 2002 session at the ADC Web site.