Developer News: Apple Posts Tutorial for Core Image

The Apple Developer Connection (ADC) has posted a new tutorial for Mac developers looking to learn more about Core Image, the array of graphic tools Apple has built into the next major update of Mac OS X, Tiger.

Operating from the premise that the imaging technologies used by operating systems of the past were too complex for most developers to easily use, Core Image allows developers to hook into a variety of graphics tools, including effects and other tools previously left to developers to devise on their own. It does so in such a way that developers donit have to worry about changes in hardware, and other related issues.

In the introduction , the ADC said that the, "article shows you how Core Image works, how you can access its power from your applications using Image Units, and how you can create your own Image Units to deliver custom image processing functionality to any application that supports the Image Unit plug-in API."

You can find the article at Appleis Apple Developer Connection Web site.