Developer News: Details on WWDC Brown Bag Lunches with O'Reilly

Apple has sent us detailed information on the Brown Bag Lunches with OiReilly sessions for 2005is World Wide Developer Conference, the companyis annual gather of Apple developers. The Brown Bag sessions bring developers together with industry people in specific areas such as Perl, Python, PHP, Podcasting, and Smart Homes. While Apple has posted the session titles and their hosts at the WWDC site, the detailed descriptions have yet to be published, until now. From Apple:

Tuesday Brown Bag Kick-Off
June 6, 2005

  • The kick off begins on Tuesday, June 7 with Tim OiReilly, president and CEO of OiReilly Media, talking about
    the innovations on his radar, and how Mac developers can begin to distribute the future today.

Wednesday Brown Bag Schedule
June 7, 2005

  • SESSION TITLE: Python Today
  • GUEST MODERATOR: Guido van Rossum, creator of Python
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: Python is gaining traction for game development and other applications. Python founder, Guido van Rossum will give the ultimate insideris update on the project, then will cover Python/ObjC/Mac to focus on development on the Mac platform specifically.

  • SESSION TITLE: PHP on a PowerBook
  • GUEST MODERATOR: Rasmus Lerdorf, creator of PHP
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: PHP is a free scripting language running over a million web sites, and is an open-source, cross-platform alternative to Microsoftis Active Server Pages. Its creator, Rasmus Lerdorf is currently developing with Mac OS X on a 15" PowerBook. Join Rasmus for a special lunchtime session discussing the ins and outs of this popular scripting language and the joy of developing on Mac OS X.

  • SESSION TITLE: MySQL and SQLite: Itis In There
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: MySQL is an open source, robust database that purrs on Mac OS X. SQLite is the database bundled with both Mac OS X client and server and the database engine behind Mail.appis new search features, as well as the persistence engine behind CoreData. Itis there for you now, and hereis a session on hereis how.

  • SESSION TITLE: Perl as a Glue Language
  • GUEST MODERATOR: Randal L. Schwartz, contributor to a dozen top-selling books on the Perl and over 200 magazine articles. Schwartz runs Stonehenge Consulting Services, Inc., a Perl training and consulting company.
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: Explore Perl on Mac OS X as a "glue language," permitting both casual and sophisticated connections between command-line tools, AppleScript, graphical interfaces (through Camelbones and Dashboard), and other technologies. Conversation will range from simple "how to" up to large issues like managing parallel Perl versions and installations from the CPAN without breaking things.

Thursday Brown Bag Schedule
June 8, 2005

  • SESSION TITLE: The Ultimate Peripheral, Your Smart Home
  • GUEST MODERATOR: Gordon Meyer, author and renowned smart home expert.
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: The Mac is experiencing a windfall of great software for home automation. Weill cover the latest developments in both the commercial and open source worlds. Control your home over the web, integrate telephone services, or just use a netcam to keep an eye on your puppy. If you want a smart home but donit know where to start, weill set you off in the right direction. If youire an old hand, bring your wisdom and weill jointly create a best practices map for newbies, and a wish list that weill deliver to Mac home automation developers.

  • SESSION TITLE: Whatis Hot in Open Source
  • GUEST MODERATOR: Nat Torkington, OiReilly Media Editor, Open Source Convention Program Chair
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: As a strong open source platform, Mac OS X gives you many choices of open source development tools and frameworks. Join Nathan Torkington, the conference chair of the Open Source Convention, to discuss the best of the best: Ruby on Rails, SQLite, PHP 5, mod_perl 2, Mono, PyObjC, Tcl, and whatever your favorite might be.

  • SESSION TITLE: Podcasting for Everyone
  • GUEST MODERATOR: Phillip M.Torrone, (internet strategy analyst for creative firm Fallon Worldwide, and best known for their award winning work on BMWFilms).
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: From subscribing to Podcasts with a variety of aggregators to an in-depth start to finish guide on Podcast production, podcasting extraordinaire Phillip Torrone will lift the hood on OiReillyis Make:Audio series and share tips, tricks, and code needed to create Podcasts.

  • SESSION TITLE: Advanced Scripting
  • GUEST MODERATORS: brian d foy, Mac DevCenter writer, 2004 White Camel Award recipient, perl expert
  • SESSION OVERVIEW: Mac OS X comes with its own scripting language, AppleScript, but it also comes with Perl, Python and Ruby. Many other environments, like Tcl and Smalltalk, work too. Where one language leaves off, another picks up and dificult problems might use more than one language in its solution. A group discussion moderated by Mac and Perl hacker and writer brian d foy concentrates on how people use scripting languages to make their life easier on the Mac.

You can find more information about registering the for the event at the WWDC Web site.