Developer Tool Updated From Paradigma Updated

Paradigma Software has released an update for Valentina Technology Release, bringing it to version 1.9. Valentina is a software development app designed for creating relational databases. The new version includes support for database files over 2 GB and other enhancements. According to Paradigma Software:

Paradigma Software, makers of the Valentina line of database products announced the availability of Valentina Technology Release 1.9, adding significant, new features to all products in the product line.

All Valentina enabled products will include these new features as well as the introduction of two new members of the Valentina family of products:

  • Larger Databases. Now Valentina databases can have files larger than 2 GB
  • COMPACT and DEFRAGMENT Commands. These features allows you to reclaim unused segments in databases, and to remove fragmentation in indexes and VarChar fields
  • DIAGNOSE Command. This allows that status of the database to be checked and a report produced for individual tables and fields
  • BaseObject Encryption. Now base objects can be password encrypted with a single command
  • Smaller, Faster VarChar. The VarChar field now requires 2 bytes less space, allowing for speed improvements between 5-25%

You can find more information about the Valentina Technology Release at the Paradigma Software Web site. Valentina 1.9 is available for US$49.00.