Developer Tool Updated From Paradigma Updated

Paradigma Software has released an update for Valentina Technology Release, bringing it to version 1.9.5. Valentina is a software development app designed for creating relational databases. The features expanded SQL enhancements. According to Paradigma Software:

Paradigma Software, makers of the Valentina line of database products announced the availability of Valentina Technology Release 1.9.5 for all Valentina-based products.

Valentina database solutions are available for Microsoft Visual C++, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Java, COM compatible products (Visual Basic, Delphi, PowerBuilder), REAL Softwareis REALbasic, Macromedia Director, Purity Softwareis WebSiphon and all XCMD compatible products, such as MetaCard and Appleis HyperCard. Valentina SDKs are available for every major development IDE on the Mac Classic and MacOS X .

Valentina Technology Release 1.9.5 adds several new SQL -based features, including:

  • SELECT DISTINCT, which allows duplicate records to be removed from result produced from a query
  • GROUP BY clause
  • Aggregate functions: COUNT(*), COUNT(f), SUM(f), AVG(f), MAX(f), MIN(f); COUNT(DISTINCT f), SUM(DISTINCT f), AVG(DISTINCT f);MAX(DISTINCT f), MIN(DISTINCT f)

You can find more information about the Valentina Technology Release update at the Paradigma Software Web site. Valentina 1.9.5 is available for US$49.00.