Developers: Apple Unveils "Getting Started Bundles" For WWDC 2004

Apple is gearing up the publicity machine for the World Wide Developeris Conference (WWDC), and has kicked things off with this yearis "Getting Started Bundle." The WWDC is Appleis annual gathering of developers, a platform from which the company communicates its direction to developers, and offers training and other tools to help those developers make better Mac apps.

The Getting Started Bundle is designed to entice new developers into joining the Mac platform. The bundle includes hardware discounts, a ticket to the WWDC itself, tech support, and much more. From the WWDC Web site:

WWDC 2004 Getting Started Bundle
Get everything you need to accelerate your development with the advanced technologies in Mac OS X: software, hardware, training, and support.

The "WWDC 2004 Getting Started Bundle" includes

  • One WWDC 2004 E-Ticket: More than 150 in-depth technical sessions and hands-on labs presented by Appleis technical architects and lead engineers.
  • Mac OS X Panther and Xcode Tools, with one year of updates and pre-release versions
  • Up to 20% discount on one complete Macintosh system for development and testing
  • Two code-level technical support incidents
  • Compatibility lab access
  • DVD-ROM of sessions from last yearis WWDC
  • ADC business and development support
  • All other benefits of ADC Select membership

For more information on the Getting Started Bundle, visit the WWDC Web site.