Developers: Mac Software Installer Maker Enters Beta Testing

Public Access Software announced that MacInstall 1.1b1 is now available. The new Mac software installer is made specifically for the needs of ShareWare Authors. According to Public Access Software:

MacInstall is a simple yet powerful Mac software installation system. Anyone who needs to place items into specific locations of the Mac OS System folder or onto a useris hard disk can do so with very easily and at minimal cost using this new software we will release very soon.

MacInstall has several advantages over commercial software installers:

  • MacInstall is ShareWare making it exceedingly affordable for ShareWare or even FreeWare authors to use. You are not forced into an installer tax or redistribution limit situation. Once you have purchased MacInstall you can use it as many times for as many products as you have.
  • MacInstall is not limited to a few System folder locations. In fact MacInstall recognizes all special folders of the Mac OS allowing you to install files anywhere you need, unlike special "ShareWare" installers from commercial software companies.
  • MacInstall features a simple design that can be used literally by anyone via its own fully GUI editor or through resource templates for when you just want to tweak a single parameter.
  • MacInstall is designed to be simple and straight forward in its use. Because of the near total domination of the Stuffit compression format MacInstall does not offer any proprietary compression options at this time.
  • After you make your installer with MacInstall you can compress it with your copy of Stuffit or even create Self Extracting Archives for use on CD-ROM or with other distribution outlets.

New in this release

  • Fully working folder handling options to install items without totally replacing a preexisting folder and its content.
  • Manually added Installer Items are now displayed with the proper name in the Editor.
  • General cleanup internally as needed before final release.

MacInstall is available for US$20 per user and you can find more information about it at Public Access Softwareis site.