Developers Start Receiving Intel-based Macs

Apple Computer has started to deliver Intel-based Macs to developers, according to a published report.

The Apple Development Platform ADP2,1, as the systems are officially designated, features 3.6 gigahertz Pentium 4 processors with 2 megabytes (GB) of L2 cache operating on an 800 megahertz bus with 1GB of memory, according to Think Secret.

While the systems run Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, Think Secret reports Windows XP installed "without hitch" and booted up with no problems. However, attempts to boot from the included Mac OS X for Intel disc resulted in an error message on both a Dell and off-brand PC. The message stated that the "hardware configuration is not supported by Darwin x86," Think Secret reported.

The graphics card in the seeded machine is an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 800, developers reported. The motherboard on the system is unmarked except for the word "Barracuda".