Devideon Authoring App Updated With Pioneer A05 And A06 Support

Formac Electronic, Inc. has released a new version of Devideon. Devideon is a utility designed for authoring and burning DVD titles. The latest release features support for iMovie 3 and Pioneer A05 and A06 drives. According to Formac Electronic:

Formac Electronic Inc., a leading manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced visualization solutions, today announced a new release of it’s award-winning Devideon™ DVD Authoring software.

The new release detects and incorporates chapter marks inserted in Apple’s iMovie™ 3 editing software, and is the first DVD Authoring software to support Pioneer’s A05 as well as A06 mechanism.

You can find more information about the Devideon update at the Formac Electronic, Inc. Web site. The Devideon update is available as freeware.