Did You Order A ZenBubblegum Shirt? Hosting Probs Fixed, Orders Need Replacing

August Schulz has announced fixes for the recent delivery problems for the Classic Mac t-shirts. The t-shirts feature the pre-OS X/Jaguar design elements including the Happy Mac icon and the rainbow stripe Apple logo. Due to hosting problems, many orders were unable to be processed. According to August Schulz:

A catalogue of third-party-instigated and unrelated incidents took the concept of “bad luck” to new heights recently for August Schulz, a member of the UK multimedia collective ZenBubblegum.

Immediately following the simultaneous worldwide launch of the limited edition ZenBubblegum “Classic Apple” T-shirt designed by Schulz, both the domain hosting company and the ISP responsible for handling ZenBubblegum’s website and e-mail suffered major problems with their services.

Looking on the bright side, a good number of people during the first week were able to get through and purchase ZenBubblegum AppleT-shirts online. However, as the entire ZenBubblegum collective could not receive any e-mails for over a week at its official address (through no fault of its own, remember!), the delivery details for these customers may have been lost. ZenBubblegum has got their money: now it would like to send them their shirts!

ZenBubblegum really needs to contact these people and have them e-mail the company their address details again. ZenBubblegum has their names and will be able to tie addresses to individual orders, so everyone will get what they wanted. No problems there.

Anyone who placed an online order for the ZenBubblegum AppleT-shirt between 30th October and 9th November is advised to e-mail feedback@zenbubblegum.com with details of their order and their delivery address.

You can find more information about replacing t-shirts orders at the ZenBubblegum Web site. The t-shirts are available in various sizes for US$32.00.