Did You See These: Two New Mice With Buttons & Style

This from our iHey, Check This Outi department: Macally has a new 3 button (2 full buttons and a scroll wheel/center button) mouse available called the USB Optical MicroMouse. It has a similar look to Appleis one button crystal lozenge, while offering the kinds of features that most Mac users seem to want in a mouse. Stop by Macally for a look-see.

And speaking of look-seeing, check out the mouse posted by Fuji Sartono over on MacRumors (not to be confused with MacOS Rumors), this thing is a blast! It appears that it is only available in Singapore, but if you know of other markets that offer it, drop a note in the comments below. This mouse is fairly unique in that it has no buttons per se (save the center scroll wheel/button), instead, you rock it to either side to click. Definitely worth a peek.