Digital Cameramen: Photo Upload Utility Announced

iView Multimedia has announced PhotoMover 1.1, its digital camera companion software. The new product allows users to upload photos directly to photo servers. According to iView:

PhotoMover allows uploading images direct from your computer to photo upload sites on the Web. PhotoMover can upload directly to Sony Imagestation, ClubPhoto, Photopoint and Zing photo web sites. More sites will be added over time. PhotoMover works with the very best and most popular photo archive sites on the Net.

Share all your digital photos with family and friends without having to email megabytes of images. Your clients, friends and family can order professionally printed copies of your photos on many different media (including photographic paper, posters, t-shirts and mugs) from these sites and have them shipped anywhere.

iView Multimedia catalogs and organizes many types of media files including stills, movies, animation, sounds, Canvas, PhotoShop, Quark, SGI, QTVR and a long list of others. iView users can now use PhotoMover to coordinate photos locally with photos on the Web.

PhotoMover can be adapted to work with any photo upload Web site, making it easier to use and more popular with pro photographers, graphics professionals, digital cameras owners and beginners.

It can be used in two different ways.

    1) Drag and drop images on your computer directly to Sony Imagestaion, ClubPhoto, Photopoint and Zing photo Web sites.

    2) Catalog all your photos with iView Multimedia. Then just select images in iView Multimedia and choose PhotoMover to upload directly from an open catalog directly to your photo website of choice.

PhotoMover is available for US$15. You can download the latest version and find more information at the iView web site.