Digital Grade Book From Fast Rabbit

Fast Rabbit Software is now shipping a new app to compliment the educator line of software, GradeBook1. GradeBook1 is a grade book app designed for teachers in the classroom. The app ships with several features including password protection and birthday reminder. According to Fast Rabbit Software:

GradeBook1 is an easy to use grade book program featuring password protection, auto-save, easy backup, birthday reminders, weighted averaging, customizable grade scale, email linking, and more. GradeBook1 works with Fast Rabbit Softwareis School Time Quizzer proram too. Your School Time Quizzer automated test and quiz scores can automatically be saved into a GradeBook1 grade book file.

You can find more information about GradeBook1 at the Fast Rabbit Software Web site. GradeBook1 is available for US$29.95.