Digital Media And Technology Site Revamped

Digital Papercut has relaunched, and aims to bring users a wealth of information about all aspects of digital media and technology. Digital Papercut hopes to provide news, tips, and tricks for those interested in the various types of digital media. According to Digital Papercut:

Digital Papercut, the irreverent digital media website, went back to publishing daily content on Sunday, October 1. The relaunch culminates a total reconstruction for much of the site, including a dramatic change in the siteis basic mission. Digital Papercut has set out to develop an online community focused on all aspects of digital media and technology, from HTML to state-of-the-art digital movie cameras. Digital Papercut is dedicated to providing young people with the skills and knowledge they need to get up to speed in this exciting new field of study, as well as entertaining them along the way.

The new Digital Papercut will feature an abundance of digital content, from fun tutorials and product reviews, to editorials and sage advice. Best of all, DPC will feature an ever-expanding gallery of user-submitted digital artwork of all forms.

New content and free e-mail accounts will keep young visitors coming each day for their DPC "fix."

"Weire off to a great start," says Digital Papercut Proprietor Kyle Ford. "Weive got a number of great young columnists and reviewers lined up, and weire hopeful that we can turn DPC into a viable community for digital media enthusiasts of all skill levels."

You can find more information at the newly remodled Digital Papercut web site.