Digital Praise Debuts Christian-Themed Light Rangers Game

Digital Praise on Tuesday introduced Light Rangers: Mending the Maniac Madness, a new Christian-themed game for Mac OS X and Windows. Featuring graphics drawn in the Japanese anime style, the game is set in Angeltown, where Angel, Amos and A.J. must defend the world from Maniac Braniac and his minions, Vanna Vanity, Fast Forward, Dr. Nono and Mimi Me.

Maniac Braniacis minions represent pride, impatience, disobedience and selfishness and they carry out their plans through such actions as putting up billboards with prideful messages of conceit and programming toys that make children become impatient. The Light Rangers must clean up those dastardly deeds through a series of missions, gaining power along the way by correctly answering trivia questions about Bible passages.