Digital Sputniks Unite: Satellite Sim Released

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. has released a new app for the Mac, Satellite Simulator. Satellite Simulator is a simulation app designed for educators and is based on MultiSatSim, an app used by the aerospace industry. The sim offers flight of up to eight satellites over a network, and also features satellite behavioral modification using C or C++. According to Princeton Satellite Systems:

Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. announced today the release of Satellite Simulator™ a new educational and entertainment application for the Macintosh. Satellite Simulator is a highly accurate simulation of earth orbiting satellites with OpenGL 3D graphics that allows users to fly up to eight satellites.

The simulation engine is based on MultiSatSim™ which is used by aerospace professionals to develop flight software for Air Force and commercial satellites. The user can fly the satellites through a graphical interface or write programs in C or C++ to control the behavior of the satellite.

The control software communicates with the simulation via TCP/IP making it possible for several users to control the satellites over a network. A complete CodeWarrior project for developing the control software is included with extensive documentation.

You can find more information about Satellite Simulator at the Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. Web site. Satellite System 1.0 is available for US$34.95.